You must have gotten your hands on various nutrition and fitness programs, the V3 Bodybuilding is a major break from those common ones you have been familiar with. Every fragment of research and science that matters was investigated, and tested on high ranked athletes and bodybuilders.  And the computed findings was infused into a single system that contains all you require to take charge of your fitness and health.

The general notion of vegetarians been successful athletes or bodybuilders is known. But the mixture of vegetarianism and exercising is still in doubt. Most cultures love meat, and it is not a bad thing; everyone is free to eat what you want. The problem is when people tend to eat excess meat, it increases the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and so on. The idea behind vegetarianism is you avoid eating either animal products or animals themselves or both in some cases. Associations in line with dietetics also agree with the idea of vegetarianism for people of all ages, gender, profession (including bodybuilders and athletes).

You won’t assume or be uncertain about the fact that plant-based diet is good for bodybuilders and athletes, but you would be so sure having gone through the V3 Vegetarian bodybuilding system that of a truth, plant-based diet is good for bodybuilders and athletes having results to back up your claim. Famous models and bodybuilders have attested to the effectiveness of this system on the official website of the system.  


Firstly, V3 Bodybuilding system is an infusion of Chris Willitts expertise and top plant-based fitness experts in the industry. Large percentage of the entire diet is centered on whole foods, mostly anti-inflammatory. V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding system is not a rigid program, it provides flexibility for

  1. Transition (for those transitioning to vegetarianism)
  2. Vegetarian (for those currently vegetarian)
  3. Vegan (for those currently vegan)

You get to come in contact with dietary programs that talk about the beneficial effect of eating plants but how to phase out meat in a comfortable transition is the key issue that they fail to explain.

 The V3 uses mind-body approach to get outstanding results, including a specialized strength skill (e.g. meditation, flexibility, and breathing) that solidifies all displays of strength and capacity.

 A customized pattern of mindfulness and breathing skills are incorporated, in other for you to slow down and be aware of your body language. You get to learn how the body ancient wisdom guides you into elevated health.

Some misconception that needs clarification;

  • Protein is easy to access if you understand what to eat
  • There is no standard relationship to eating meat into getting a good body shape or building muscles.
  • Vegetarianism is not a fad diet. It has been around for thousands of years
  • Plant-based nutrition is more broad and fulfilling than eating salads all day.
  • Plant-based diet helps one to recover quickly and have more energy.
  • Vegetarianism is the future.
  • Plants are not just an ingredient to food; they are food. And they are nature’s medicine.

Becoming more aware of our body is the simple approach to our training.

Most bodybuilding programs do not emphasize plant-based nutrition, but virtually no other bodybuilding programs promote the relevance of mindfulness. The V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding program does.


Mindfulness is simply a state of mind, not associated with any form of religious or spiritual dogma. Being a truly secular tool, it can deepen one’s personal spiritual journey. Meditation is a profound healing mechanism when channeled properly. This implies faster recovery from the gym and much better quality of health for you. Through the vehicle of mindfulness exercise, you get to build your mental capacity. Any professional athlete, powerlifter or bodybuilder can attest to the importance of mind- muscle connection in the performance level. The simple practice of walking away with meditation practice gearing you specifically towards healing your body will provide a sense of relief from the stress of the daily grind you encounter.

What You Get When You Get This Product

If you are so in love with eating meat and not ready to give up on your wish then you probably should not get this product. If that is not so, then you are free to go for it. The idea of not eating meat may raise questions like:

  • How would I get enough nutrients?
  • Would I get enough protein?
  • Would I increase in strength?
  • Can I stick with this idea in a long-run? And so on. Be rest assured, the plant-based diet will yield an incredible result.

 This package is legit and notable people have positive reviews endorsing this product. In this product, you will find:

  • What are the best sources of food you are meant to eat?
  • How to avoid deficiency in your daily nutrition.
  • Why the fitness industry, in general, finds a plant-based diet superior to any other type.
  • How to handle social pressure and judgment.
  • How to keep watch on macronutrients and proper rations.
  • Workout body weight routine.
  • Why bodybuilders should make meditation a recurrent practice.
  • Healing meditation that amplifies your bio-energy field.
  • The satisfaction and joy of using this awesome program.
  • Workout journal sheets to help track your progress.
  • And so much more.

I don’t want to give up meat totally!

You are covered, no worries. Whatever your goals and personal values are, V3 gets it. You start from somewhere, everybody has their journey in which they undertake. In any case, you can gain from the meal plans, supplement guidance and protein-packed recipes. Because this program caters to anyone who is simply interested in eating less meat and more plants.

Because this is a self-tailored and self-guided program, it offers meal plan templates for one to start with as a foundation (this helps to reduce cost for you, because it does not customize it for you). The meal plans are not limited to bodybuilders alone but can be adapted for anyone who desires to lean out and maintain muscle mass and bulk up a bunch of fat.

You don’t get a one-on-one support for the V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding system. It is self-guided. Information about any topic is available for free online (this is an important observation). But the value of any informational program is we pay for expertise and energy and time it takes to assimilate and compose quality information in a manner that is easily understandable. The V3 is clearly structured and vetted by top plant-based fitness experts in the industry to develop something that works.  

To Cap It Up

This program is highly recommended for you as you will get the real value for your money. It shows you how to build a great body by simply eating plants. People on this system have reported less pain in their joints, sound sleep and an abundance of energy.

V3 Plant-based Fitness
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