Yoga Weight Loss Secrets, provides a “doable” and powerful
alternative to conventional weight loss programs and plans and
is helpful in combating all the causes of obesity and
excess weight accumulation. Why? Because yoga is not a
conventional sport or exercise. Yoga is a system of
personal transformation on all levels, physical, mental and

If you have ever tried to lose weight. Then you probably already know what doctors and weight loss experts know. Most weight loss diets only bring temporary results.

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If you take some diet pills and you may lose weight because your
appetite is temporarily suppressed. When you stop taking the
pills your appetite will return and you will be faced with the
same problem. The pills are a short term solution, and in
some cases may even be harmful to you.

If you adopt an extreme weight loss diet you may get
dramatic results while you stay on the diet, but if you live a
normal life, surrounded by your family and friends, you
probably will not be able to stay on that diet for a long
time. As soon as you quit the diet and return to your old
ways, you will gain weight again. In addition, as with pills,
many weight loss diets, are not healthy and can even be

For long term weight loss you need to go to the root of the
problem and make changes in your life and lifestyle.
Excess weight in our society is mostly due to a sedentary
lifestyle and poor selection of food. It may also be due to
psychological stress and in some cases metabolic problems
(that is, your body is not efficient in turning food into

Yoga Weight Loss Secrets

Is a program of natural, healthy and sustained weight loss. With this rogram you will not lose 30 pounds in 30 days (and then gain it back in five days of binge eating) but you will learn simple exercises and postures, meditation and health tips that will give you
healthy weight loss and inner peace that will stay with you for your entire life!

If you go to a lecture on nutrition and they will tell you that eating too many fatty foods will lead to obesity. After you attend the lecture you “know” that
it is not healthy to eat a lot of junk food. But, when you get out on the
street and go past a fast food burger restaurant you will get hungry.
Intellectually you “know” that it is not good to eat junk food, but can
you control yourself? Sadly the answer is usually no.

Our body is like a chariot pulled by horses. The horses are our
desires and the various organs that they use to fulfill themselves such as
hands, feet, mouth etc. Sometimes these desires are running like horses
out of control. Our mind “knows” so many things and wants to chart a
sensible path, but our mind is not strong enough to reign in the wild
horses. Yoga helps you to put your mind in control; it helps you to
have the strength to do the right thing at the right time.

The Yoga Weight Loss Secrets course

Will show you how to do physical exercises and meditation exercises that will gradually change you from the inside out. It is good if you can stop or check a desire to do the wrong thing. It is even better if this desire never arises in your mind. The effects of yoga is to make deep rooted changes in your inner being.

As you feel more relaxed and calm, nervous eating will vanish.
If you learn how to apply yoga to your life you will get a long term
solution to the problem of achieving self control and self fulfillment.
Without any special equipment you will be able to do exercises that keep
you in shape, you will learn how to do meditation that will put your mind
at peace, you will become internally balanced, and you will make the
choices that are right for you.

“This program is amazing! I am on day 28 and just couldn’t wait any longer to write a review.

I started off with Julia Marie’s Couch To Confident series so that I could retrain on some basic poses I struggled with. Just as with that series, this 30 day program provides excellent instruction for how to correctly do the yoga poses. I felt confident going through the program because I knew I was doing the poses correctly.

This is an excellent series that appropriately intensifies as it progresses. Julia offers several options to do poses in order to accomodate every yoga level. Through the series she reminds you that some days you will be more flexible and comfortable on one side of your body than the other.

One of the big take aways I got from this series is to listen to your body, that it is okay to back off a bit/modify on the days where you just aren’t able to get into a pose comfortably.

In addition to the yoga practice

Julia provides tips at the end of each session that are informative and quite useful. I find myself looking forward to them after each practice because they are simple and useful tips.

I love this series because the sessions are 30 minutes or less. It is amazing the workout you can get in such a short amount of time. Julia Marie combines many different yoga styles along with incorporating HIIT into various sessions. She even offers ‘working’ rest days in between several days of intense workouts. They are restorative and prepare me for what lies ahead (more intense, but low impact, training).

I have found that just when I think I can’t take anymore during a session, Julia reminds me there is one more set to do and then it is Svasana. The time goes quickly and when I am done I cannot believe that 30 minutes went by.

Additionally, I found that I can complete 6 workouts a week but need the 7th day to rest. The rest day is a gentle active day and Julia talks about that during the series. I swim with my children, walk several miles through a garden, etc. Because I can only handle 6 practices a week it has taken me a bit longer to complete the series.

So what about the results?

I am much stronger (yay!), I finally understand and know how to correctly flow from an upward dog to a downward dog pose (woo hoo!), I have gone down an entire dress size (yippee!), and I have indeed lost weight!

This truly is a great program. I am so glad Amazon picked it up for use by its subscribers.

Julia, I hope you read this review because you are incredible! As a mom of 5, my youngest soon turning 2, I have been stretched out and weakened from housing my 5 little loves. Your program has afforded me the opportunity to not only workout at home consistently, but build upon the physical therapy I did to strengthen my core. I hope you create some more programs like this one because it works and I need more yoga like this in my life. Thank you for this great program!

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