Prasara is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning “flow without thought.” Man’s natural state of peak performance is one of relaxation and spontaneity beyond the influence of ego and fear-reactivity. Internationally renowned champion, coach and fitness expert Scott Sonnon presents a unique approach for realizing your creative expression of self. Described by some as “what yoga is supposed to be”, this program moves beyond set patterns and static poses to transform the practitioner into a physical artist recreating one’s self with each movement.

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At times resembling breakdancing, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics or other familiar disciplines, Prasara Yoga is the next evolutionary step in the painstaking development of biomechanical exercise and Circular Strength Training® for Three-Dimensional Physical Preparedness.

Coach Scott Sonnon – the man responsible for introducing the Prasara approach to the West:

Prasara was written about in 200B.C. in the “bible” of yoga, The Yoga Sutras
compiled by the author Patanjali, so it’s not NEW, but it makes a “New You!”

Before Prasara Yoga, I had studied the science of flow with the top researchers in the former Soviet Union, where sport was a political platform. Billions of Rubles were spent in this “think-tank” of Olympic Coaches, Special Forces Trainers,
Psycho-Physiologists and Biomechanics Researcher Doctors. I had the privilege of being the first American to study behind that “Iron Curtain” and benefit from their findings. They applied “flow psychology” to all of their athletes and military personnel with uniform success which made the USSR a legendary opponent.

But it wasn’t until I was blessed by becoming a devotee to a living saint that I understood how the Science of Flow is an Art of Living; I discovered how this
cutting-edge science came from an ancient physical discipline. There’s nothing “new under the Sun” but there is much that becomes lost to us. And now I have been given the honor of sharing this Prasara Yoga with you.

“Amplifies Your Spirit, Quiets Your Mind and Makes Savage Your Body!”

There’s one primary rationale behind the universal effectiveness of Prasara
Yoga – because it finds the hidden vulnerabilities in your body like the missing bulbs on the Christmas tree, plugs them back into your nervous system, and as a result
“completes the circuit” allowing an unlimited abundance of energy to CHARGE YOU UP!

So, just investing a few minutes each day in these movements pays off with
massive dividends of energy.
You get all of the fitness attributes – power, stamina and mobility – simultaneously. And yes, the fat evaporates allowing you to fit back into those fabulous clothes you’ve wanted to adorn your sexy bod. You can have that RIGHT NOW if you stop thinking about it, start DOING it.

Dedicate yourself to this program and you’ll transform in record time. As a matter of fact, I’ve compiled a 14 point list of the potent results that thousands upon thousands of others around the planet have reaped from the Prasara Yoga course. Here, read for yourself what others have said:

1. Address the chronic aches and pains from weight-lifting, running, and aerobics.

2. Your body will act as a furnace and begin to melt fat away from your body.

3.Power and Mobility can develop at the same time, so you don’t have to have two programs to develop both ends of the fitness spectrum, just one!

4.Develop true functional muscle, not the bulky immobile kind. Move like a jaguar rather than like a tank.

5. Quintuple your Stamina in 28 days. Never Feel Fatigued Again!

6. 14 Minutes will Feel Fantastic! There is a biochemical change which even
rewires your brain to higher efficiency when you invest only 14 minutes (and
sometimes less) in my program.

7. Have the ability to express power that conventional weight-training can never give you. Qualitative changes in your movement will make you flow like a world-champion martial artist.

8. The Sufi master I studied with taught me how this method will help slow the aging process through movement, making us feel younger and healthier. Remember, we adapt to what we do not move.

9.Sleep like a smiling baby! Remember what it felt like to sleep completely
relaxed and awaken totally refreshed!

10. Get 6 Times the Recovery Rate! When you do get out of breath, faster than even a world-class fighter, you’ll recovery your heart rate and amaze your doctors!

11. Have more free time since you don’t have to waste 2 hours a day at the gym plus driving time, plus gym memberships.

12. Restore your self-confidence. There is unlimited power within you, unstoppable and unquenchable; total strangers will begin to comment on your leadership
abilities in a crisis and in life in general.

13. Get plugged in to a deeper energetic power, an undying well-pool of creativity, spontaneity and compassion.

14. Never be gymless, because you are your own health club. Carry your exercise with you wherever you are, whenever you want to play!

“In fifty years of yoga practice, I’ve watched the evolution of this physical and mental
discipline from Hittleman to Iyengar to Ashtanga. Coach Sonnon’s PRASARA YOGA is the next logical step, and a master-level thesis on the unity of motion and calm. Yogis: the 21st Century has arrived, and I sincerely believe that Patangali would have heartily approved.” –

“PRASARA YOGA is a next generation in Yoga! If you are looking to challenge your IQ (Scotts perspectives DO), Yoga (completely unique) and yourself (overcome limitations you weren’t even aware of) than PRASARA YOGA is for YOU!” –

This book is the “bible” of dynamic flow yoga, and its impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. This book culminates years of research into the psychological
athletic phenomenon known as “Flow state” or “the Zone”. Now, through this “3rd
Evolution of Yoga”, even non-athletes can tap into this biological heritage of the
optimal human experience where everything feels, looks, and just “goes right” the way you want it to. With photograph examples and exercise descriptions, this book takes the reader from beginning poses, ties them together with simple breathing techniques and unlocks the most powerful virtue in human physical life: flow.

Join Coach Scott Sonnon, as he walks you through the transitional movements, breath integration and structural alignment of the Series A Flows. The five workouts
presented in this video provide high intensity, low impact, total-body cardio, strength training, dynamic flexibility and mental focus techniques in one complete package. Create lean, supple muscle without needless bulk!

In addition to an instructional section that dissects each of the transitional
movements, all five Series A Flows are presented in a beautifully filmed follow-along format that will give you a sense of the grace in movement that is available to you.
Whether you practice yoga for physical fitness, emotional centeredness, mental clarity, or sports performance, Coach Sonnon’s Prasara Instructional video will deepen your personal practice in ways you never dreamed possible!

Man’s natural state of peak performance is one of relaxation and spontaneity beyond the influence of ego and fear-reactivity. Coach Scott Sonnon presents a unique approach for realizing your creative expression of self. Described by some as “what yoga is supposed to be”, this program moves beyond set patterns and static poses to transform the practitioner into a physical artist recreating one’s self with each movement.
A giant step forward in physical culture, this video also includes the following dynamic flowing kinetic chains:

Flow lies beneath the rusty armor of fear, anxiety and trauma which our ego carries around like so much luggage. Prasara™ is a physical practice of releasing fear, anxiety and trauma, a practice which releases one’s natural state of Grace, one’s natural Flow. It is a challenging inner journey, calling forth courage, discipline, and faith in our intrinsic Divinity, the still, small voice within that guides us to transformation and a life of service to all beings.

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Scott Sonnon was voted one of The Six Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century by Black Belt Magazine in 2010. Men’s Fitness Magazine will also be featuring Scott, in its November 2011 issue, amongst the World’s Top 25 trainers.

Scott Sonnon’s world-famous Circular Strength Training® System was voted the
#1 Best Fitness System of 2008 by Cleo Magazine, and “Most Challenging Workout of 2007″ by the New York Post!

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