Most diets don’t work because they don’t solve the underlying reasons on why an individual can’t seem to get rid of all the extra pounds in their bodies.

Organic Health Protocol, a breakthrough program created by Thomas Delauer, is an effective weight loss program designed to make you burn fat cells once you’ve addressed the chronic inflammation issue.

As a result, you’ll gain new energy, live a healthy life and be able to do the things you’ve always wanted. What’s more, the 7 Day Organic Detox cleanses the body of toxins, reduces inflammation while paving the way for better nutrient absorption. You’ll feel better in terms of body, mind, and spirit!

Is Organic Health Protocol For You?

The diet program works best in individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic inflammation.

As you may know, chronic inflammation is one of the main causes of weight gain in today’s fast-paced world and instant food. Chronic inflammation happens when you eat too much genetically modified or processed foods. You can get this condition as well if you’re too tired or too stressed out day after day.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Experiencing constant brain fog
  • Weight gain

Thomas Delauer’s Ph.D. verified course talks about how you can be free of chronic inflammation via tried-and-tested methods in a span of 7 days.

The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset

Organic Health Protocol explains in detail calories, more notably how you can make the most out of each organic and whole foods.

You won’t ever touch GMO or processed foods once you’re done with this guide. These foods contain deadly chemicals that when consumed regularly builds up inside your system, causing havoc in the form of chronic inflammation. Over time, your body loses its ability to burn fat, which explains the weight gain.

There’s plenty of helpful information and to-do’s inside the program. Best of all, you won’t have to go through starvation mode or depriving yourself of healthy foods. The author states that juicing should only supplement the diet and not become the only food you can consume.

Organic Health Protocol also lists some science-based methods on how you can kick your metabolic rate into high gear for better nutrient absorption and fat burning. You’ll feel energized every day because you’ll be eating sufficient calories and become a better individual because of it.

What’s Inside The Organic Total Body Reboot?

At its core, the Organic Total Reboot is a 24-page ebook containing numerous tips and tricks on how you can lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the course are quick and easy recipes and actual fat-burning exercises you can do at home. During the first 3 days, you’ll be on a calorie counting journey where breakfast is actually recommended!

Optional Cardio Recommendation. It’s a 30-minute exercise that you can do after you’ve drank fasted lemon water. Lemon contains an enzyme called D-Limonene, which helps activate the digestive tract and clean your liver. Together, you can supercharge liver functions and improve your system’s ability to burn fat and calories.

One notable thing that the Organic Reboot offers is a chance to have breakfast, something that isn’t present on most diet fads of today. Thomas shows you what you can and cannot eat (including dairy products, certain vitamins, and starchy foods). Protein is the recommended nutrient that’s best taken this time of day, but not during lunch or dinner.

You also get instant access to the following materials:

1. Day to Day Diet Plan

It’s a one-on-one training procedure that walks you through the diet itself. Thomas outlines the basic food groups and divides them into “eat” and “don’t eat” in order for your body to start repairing itself and getting rid of chronic inflammation.

There are around 25 anti-inflammatory recipes that you can make for the entire duration of the program. You can make these recipes and find the ingredients for it on your local grocer or supermarket. Make sure that you get only organic or else it won’t work.

2. 3 Organic Hacks

These 3 hacks round up the missing areas in the Organic Health Protocol for a more well-rounded program. The Exercise Routine shows you how you can maximize your Reboot period with proven exercises and activities. There’s also the Supplement and Vitamin Guide that hand-picks the vitamins that you really need to combat chronic inflammation. Some of the benefits include having a healthy gut, reduced inflammation, increased energy, mental clarity and lowered stress response. The vitamin guide can be started during the 4th day for optimal results.

3. Videos Show An Easy Step-by-Step Procedure

The videos are excellent because it would seem like Thomas Delauer himself is right in the room with you.

There’s a total of 5 video tutorials in all, broken down into their own respective segment. Some of the things that will be covered include a Follow Up Protocol, Supplements, and Vitamins, Nutrition, an FAQ and guidelines on how you can stay on track in order to minimize a rebound.

4. Optimized Quick Start Guide

This guide contains supplemental content so you can start with confidence and finish the program with aplomb.

  • Optimized Mind – Shows you how you can adopt a positive mindset for the journey ahead.
  • Importance of Documentation – Shows you how you can do a “Before & After” images so you can compare results and celebrate.
  • Discounts – You get discounts on Thomas’ recommended diet systems and additional supplements.


• Backed 100% By Scientific Studies

Unlike other diet scams out there, the Organic Health Protocol is based on sound science and medical research. Chronic inflammation is truly one of the most difficult barriers to overcome when it comes to weight loss, and OHP serves as a guide that will help you eliminate the source of the weight gain problem. As long as you follow information contained in the guide you’ll be well on your way to a slimmer, fitter you.

• Easy To Implement

All the tools and information will be provided for you in a complete, all-in-one course. Even the meals and the supplementation come in their own respective sections! You won’t have to second-guess which foods are good for you, as all the ingredients down to the calories are listed in the Organic Health Protocol. Complementing the ebook are instructional videos to clear up any confusion and shows you how you can do exercises the right way.

• Credible Author

Easily one of the greatest strengths of OHP. Thomas Delauer, a celebrity health expert and renowned for his diet programs that actually work, is the creator of the ebook. You can find Thomas on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, on YouTube and on his health blog. The credentials of Thomas is outstanding- he has a solid reputation backed by his personal experiences. He’s written several articles on publications such as Natural Muscle Magazine, Muscle and Fitness Magazine and the Iron Man Magazine.

• Affordable Option

How much would you pay to cure chronic inflammation and a health instructor to lose weight? Hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per session. Organic Health Protocol only costs approximately $19 for a 7-day cleanse that puts other diets to shame.

$19 is relatively cheap for a life-changing guide. You can skip a coffee at your local coffee shop or one fast food meal and you can buy the Organic Health Protocol and start learning the ins and outs of curing chronic inflammation.

• 30 Day Refund Assistance

If the $19 price tag doesn’t convince you, the money back guarantee will. Interested individuals are free to check out the Organic Health Protocol for 30 days and see if it helped them in some way during the time. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the results, you can contact the company and get your money back, no questions asked.


• Will Require Personal Effort

No great endeavor is truly easy, and this includes losing weight and torching fat. Your constant effort and output will be required if you want to be free of stubborn fat. Unfortunately, Organic Health Protocol will not do everything for you- it’s a guide and nota miracle worker, after all.

You’re given the instructions, the directions, the exercise and the meal plans, so all you need to do is put in the effort. Keep in mind that while the OHP isn’t a restrictive diet you’ll still need to follow the plan every day. If motivation is a factor then there are plenty of ways on how you can go through the routine. After all, you’ll only need 7 days to start living a healthy life.

You can extend the weight loss experience by signing up for the 6-Week Organic Health Protocol. Keep in mind that this only becomes unlocked if you successfully completed the original OHP system.

• Available In Digital Format Only

The Organic Health Protocol is a complete guide that can be accessed only by a compatible device and a connection to the internet. The formats come in video and PDF, and as such, you won’t receive a hard copy of the product. There’s one way to get a physical copy, and that is to print it. Otherwise, you’ll need a smartphone, a tablet or a computer to view content in Organic Health Protocol.