With the start of the school year and the return of the routine, why not make the resolution to move a little more? Of course, there's a little voice in our head wondering how long this routine will last ... and if we sign up for a class, are we really going to be able to take it for a few months?

In short, the questions are numerous and the answers are rather nebulous! However, the fact of moving provides the greatest good for our body and our head! So, let's get started, no matter what happens in the next ... days! The workouts are varied, just choose the one that suits you.
Classes in fitness centers
It is normal that you are hesitant to sign up for a class at a fitness center. Please know that they are taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A class on the schedule can sometimes give you that little bit of motivation. They are many and varied. Do not hesitate to consult the offer in the training center in your neighborhood! Here are some of the courses you will find on the schedule:

This 30-minute high-intensity workout is offered exclusively at Énergie Cardio centers, and will make you work intensely throughout your entire center (thighs, buttocks, back, abs). The BODYPUMP version is presented as a group weight training class that allows you to sculpt all your muscles, or almost ...

The TABATA fit
This course is for those who have little time to devote to training. During 30 minutes, you will perform 5 TABATA. Every muscle in your body will be used as you alternate between 20-second exercise sequences and 10-second rest sequences. Simple, but intense exercises can increase the intensity to the maximum!

These piloxing classes combine movements of Pilates, boxing and dance. It is a complete workout, especially for women, that works all the muscles in the body while working your cardio.

The Pound
To awaken the rock star in you, this is the class for you. Through different basic postures, you have to keep pace with sticks, which are akin to drumsticks, hitting them together and on the floor. You will let off steam to the fullest and, to the sound of music, you will forget all your worries! (If you prefer, it is also possible to take these virtual manners courses with jebouge.ca)

The Zumba Step
You know zumba well, this training that makes you sweat on Latin dance steps. Well, it is also associated with step. Several gyms offer this complete course that will work all your muscles, your cardio… and your morale.

Virtual training
For those who would like to take a course, but prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home, there are several options available to you. Virtual lessons have the advantage of being able to train when you want ... but you still have to be able to discipline yourself.
YouTube Channels
YouTube channels are numerous and varied. Each channel offers different content and the quality is, of course, not always the same. So you have to shop your chain like you do for a fitness center. You will make your choice depending on the workout you are looking for. There you will find muscle building, fitness and yoga classes.

The Training Platforms
You can also decide to purchase a subscription through one of the training platforms. The most popular is hands down Beachbody, but again, you’re spoiled for choice. Depending on the platform you choose, you will have access to a lot of content, more personalized monitoring, and a community to motivate you to achieve your goals.

The applications that you install on your watch or your phone are there to make you think of moving on a daily basis. They encourage you to surpass yourself and give you a procedure to follow according to your goals. You will make your choice according to the physical activity you prefer and the supervision you want. The applications are numerous, and several are free. So you can try more than one to find the right one for you.

Outdoor Training
Outdoor training requires a certain motivation when the cold and darkness are more and more present. But, you will see, once outside, you will find a great source of motivation.

Virtual lessons are very practical, but nothing replaces training with humans, in the flesh. Plus, it's always a good idea to get out and get some fresh air, regardless of the weather. So put on some warm clothes and go out!

Cardio Plein Air and FitSquad offer outdoor classes throughout the year. Find out about courses offered in your area.

Move without thinking
Obviously, you don't have to pay to move at all. Physical activity often only requires a good pair of shoes, and a little goodwill ... You just need to schedule physical activities here and there or to reorganize your daily routine. Here are some ideas for moving as often as possible:

Walk every day: to drive the kids to school, to get to your office [if you are not telecommuting] or just to admire the scenery that changes every day. It is essential to be active every day and a simple walk can make a real difference.
During your day off, go climb a mountain and enjoy the beautiful hiking trails throughout Quebec. They are numerous!
Don't put your bike away too quickly! If there is no snow, dress warmly and keep riding your bike! It’s good for you and the environment!
This fall, even if it's raining, it's cold and dark, we're moving ... even though the 2nd wave of COVID-19 slows our enthusiasm. Physical activity is essential for physical and mental well-being, it is up to you to choose the mode of training that is right for you.