Progressive Yoga Vidya Training is for aspirants with prior knowledge in yoga. The focus is on connecting with and imbibing yoga vidya, the essence of yogic knowledge, and the classical yoga tradition. Accessing the more subtle areas of experience requires a refinement of awareness and sharpening of concentration. Asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, yoga nidra and concentration techniques are covered in the training, with an emphasis on the stages and progression of awareness and on experiencing the different dimensions of the personality.

Yogic dimensions of the human personality

The koshas, body, mind, energy, consciousness and spirit are the five aspects that make one whole personality. The approach of yoga is to access all these dimensions of the personality. The chosen yoga practices for deepening experience in sadhana must also be able to activate the experiences underlying all these five different levels and dimensions.

Developing the human nature and total personality involves moving from annamaya, the body, to manomaya, the mind, to pranamaya, energy, to vijnanamaya, consciousness, to anandamaya, the experience of spirit. All aspects of the human nature and personality must rise together. Any kind of yoga practice must cater to all these five different components of life.


Progressive Yoga Vidya Training enables one to move into another level of yoga practice, which is yoga sadhana. The depth of yogic understanding should increase and the true discipline of yoga be imbibed and experienced. This comes through adherence to yogic disciplines and the incorporation of yogic principles in daily life, as sadhana. Sadhana is sustained effort over a long period of time to achieve the aims set out by yoga. There has to be regularity and continuity in that effort, as well as sincerity.

To experience yoga in its truest sense, one has to move from practice to sadhana. By following the aims and principles of the various branches of yoga and aspiring to experience them, practice becomes progressive, regulated and beneficial. As aspirants deepen their understanding and experience of yoga as a sadhana, the dimension of yoga lifestyle will spontaneously unfold.