Urine Therapy is age old practice of drinking and washing in ones own urine and applying it to the body in several other ways.

Urine is essentially, all the beneficial, life-giving substances that are carried along with the bloodstream.
If a blood sample is taken and left standing up in a test-tube, the red blood cells would sink to the bottom of the test-tube leaving a yellowish liquid that the doctor’s call “blood plasma”, the medical term for it is “Plasma Ultrafiltrate” or highly filtered blood plasma, but it is really just urine.

Another term you may be familiar with is “Amniotic fluid”, this is the mother’s urine and then later it is the baby’s urine and helps to form the baby’s skin and lungs.
Medical terms such as these effectively hide the fact that urine is the most studied substance in the medical field.

There is practically nothing that urine won’t heal. Urine is said to be effective against the flu, the common cold, broken bones, toothache, dry skin, psoriasis and all other skin problems. It reverses aging and is helpful with AIDS, allergies, animal and snake bites, asthma, heart disease, hypertension, burns, cancer, chemical intoxication, chicken pox, enteritis, constipation, and pneumonia. Urine is said to be effective against dysentery, edema, eczema, eye irritation, fatigue, fever, gonorrhea, gout, bloody urine, smallpox, immunological disorders, infections, infertility, baldness, insomnia, jaundice, hepatitis, leprosy, lymphatic disorder, urticaria, morning sickness, hangover, obesity, papilloma virus, parasitoses, gastric ulcer, rheumatism, birthmarks, stroke, congestion, lumbago, typhus, gastritis, depression, cold sore, tuberculosis, tetanus, Parkinson’s disease, foot fungus, and diabetes and other endocrine related diseases.

There are a great many misconceptions about urine therapy and indeed urine itself that automatically prevents people from considering urine as a method of healing and I shall address them here.

Isn’t Urine Waste?

No, it is absolutely not waste, it is the excess of the beneficial substances that are carried around the body by the bloodstream.

The blood first goes to the Liver which screens out all the waste, the toxins, bacteria, pathogens and viruses, anything that doesn’t belong in the bloodstream is removed by the Liver and leave the body via the faeces.

The purified blood from the Liver then goes to the kidneys which are there to keep the blood balanced and at its optimum composition and consistency, and it does this by removing everything that the blood has too much of, because having too much of something is just as bad has having not enough so the excess, water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins etc. are shunted away to be stored in the bladder as urine.

If the body is trying to get rid of it, why put it back in?

Again, this attitude assumes that urine is waste that the body has to get rid of.   The human body does not store waste, storing waste is a bad idea, yet the body has a storage facility for urine called the bladder.   While there is urine in the bladder, the body reabsorbs it, as and when the substances in it are required, rather than expend a great deal of energy to manufacture these very substances, this is why that many have had the experience where they have felt the urgent need to urinate but then get distracted and an hour later they realise that they no longer need to urinate, while they were distracted, the body re-absorbed the urine and relieved the pressure on the bladder.

Imagine an Apollo Capsule in space (which is a huge lie, but that is another conversation) and it has a machine that generates water from the air.   Now imagine that machine working so efficiently that it produces more water than the capsule was designed to store, the Astronots might store as much as they can in any free containers but if the machine keeps producing more water than they can comfortably store then, even though they need water to survive, they would have no other option but to dump the excess out into space.  The same is true for urine.

Reingesting urine not only saves the body from expending needless energy, it is also exactly the right substances in exactly the right proportions that the body needs and because it is essentially pre-digested it doesn’t need to go through the digestive tract, but is almost instantly absorbed by the body because the body recognises it and as such most who drink urine notice and almost instantaneous boost of energy and feeling of wellbeing.

Isn’t Urine dirty and smelly?

Urine is one of the most naturally sterile substances on Earth.   The word sterile is defined as “free from bacteria or other living microorganisms; totally clean, aseptic, germ-free, antiseptic, disinfected, uninfected, uncontaminated, unpolluted, pure, clean; sanitary, hygienic”, so not something that could be described as dirty.

Urine can pick up bacteria and germs if one’s genitalia are not clean prior to collection, however, Urine is a natural detergent, it is antibiotic and anti-bacterial.   When is exposed to the air (especially on an inorganic surface), it gets to work killing bacteria (as it would normally do in the bloodstream) producing Ammonia as a by-product, and this is the source of the pungent smell that we associate with poorly maintained toilets and the incontinent.

As an experiment, collect some of your own urine in a glass the next time you urinate and take a look at it, you will find that it doesn’t smell foul at all. It might not smell or look particularly delightful however , after a short time of detox, urine becomes clear, golden and sparkling, and once the body is completely detoxified, urine often tastes like delicious coconut water.

Why should I use it?

Urine is composed of many important substances, including, growth hormones, vitamins, minerals and stem cells.   It contains the body’s response to infections, allergens, viral outbreaks and inflammation, and becomes instantly available to the body once ingested.

The medical establishment are usually very vocal about warning people about urine but suspiciously quiet about their extensive use of it.   One drug company called Enzymes of America produce a drug called Urokinase to treat blood clots, they use their subsidery company Porta-John to collect urine for free, process it and sell it back to us at a massive profit.

A Hormone Replacement Therapy drug called Premarin is also made from Urine, the clue is in the name; Premarin is PREgnant MARe urINe, yes, that’s right, it’s Horse Piss.

Drinking Urine

Collect the first midstream urination of the day in a clean, that is, let the first few ounces of urine go, to clean out the pipes as it were and the last few ounces, to avoid any sediment, and capture the middle of the stream.

The first urination of the day is the most important one to use because while you slept, the energy that you were saving was used by the body to produce all sorts of beneficial hormones, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to aid in the body’s repair and maintenance and that urine is the most “nutritionally rich” for want of a better phrase.

There is no further preparation required, you may drink all that you have produced leaving enough to perform a urine massage (usually about a centimetre at the bottom of the glass) and for any other immediate uses described below.

If you are feeling a little squeamish about drinking your own urine, then you may mix it with some juice, Apple juice seems to be the best to use, as it is the closest in colour and texture (However, I used Grapefruit juice as it has an overpowering flavour), or you can mix it into a 2 litre bottle with distilled water and take a little longer to drink it all. (in which case you would be expected to change the mixture over time, making the urine less and less dilute until you can tolerate it undiluted)

Another method of drinking it undiluted would be to have a second glass of distilled water or fruit juice standing by, take a deep breath and drink the urine down in one go, and then, while still holding the breath, wash it down with the water or juice. This removes the smell component of the taste and reduces it down to the bare combination of salty, sweet and bitter components (which could be mistaken for Miso soup).

Urine Massages

Urine massages are the second key component of Urine Therapy, which is every bit as important as drinking.

Drinking the urine stimulates the body to push out toxicity through all its channels of elimination, the breath, the bowels and the skin, but urine massages concentrate on the largest organ of elimination the skin by drawing toxicity out of it, as well as giving the top layers of skin access to rejuvenating stem cells and other beneficial substances not normally afforded to it.

Pour a little urine into the palm of the hand, and taking a section at a time, such as the head or an arm, gently massage the urine into the skin until it completely absorbs and the skin becomes dry.   Do the same with the hair, massage the urine into the hair and scalp until the hair is dry and the urine has completely absorbed.

Try your best to avoid leaving urine to ‘air-dry’ as this may cause an odour, but as long as the urine has been allowed to absorb into the skin and hair there will be no smell.

There is no need to rinse off the urine, in fact, the water that comes out of the shower head is very dirty compared to the urine, and hot water tend to open the pores and allow unwanted minerals and toxicity to deposit themselves under the skin.

The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body and massaging urine will stimulate the skin to dump the toxins that it may be harbouring.   Many have heard that should one be stung by a jellyfish, urinating on the sting will pull out the Jellyfish toxin, however urine will extract any and all toxins through the skin.

The results of Urine Massages are softer, smoother skin, the reduction of wrinkles and age spots, increased skin elasticity, and the healing of skin complaints.

Aged Urine

Aged urine is that which has been stored for 8 days or more. When stored correctly, Urine can be kept indefinitely, and the older it gets the more effective it becomes.

To age urine, store fresh urine in a glass container with a gas permeable covering so that it can “breathe”, for example, if using a bottle, then stop with a wad of cotton wool, if using a jar then cover with a piece of cloth held in place with an elestic band. Store in a cool place where it will not be disturbedUrine is a “living” liquid, it remains alive as long as you do, and the stem cells (undiferentiated cells that can become anything within the body) that it contains, continue to divide and multiply while in storage. This makes Aged Urine a very powerful agent for healing cuts, burns, rashes, inflammation and for any other topical use.

Urine Pack

A Urine Pack is essentially a poultice that is used externally by placing over an injury, irritation, insect or animal bite, inflamation, wound, burn or skin complaint.

The Urine Pack works because the urine draws toxicity out through the skin by stimulating the skin, which is the body’s largest organ of toxic elimination, to expel them.
The urine not only acts as a powerful pain killer, but also contains a substantial amount of stem cells, and these undifferentiated cells get to work healing the injury, significantly quicker than normal.

To make a Urine Pack, prepare a dressing or a clean rag (preferably a piece of cotton material like a ripped up t-shirt, folded a few times to absorb and hold the maximum amount of urine) large enough to cover the site of the injury and soak it in urine.

Fresh urine may be used but the best results are usually obtained with Aged Urine, as so long as you live your properly stored urine will also continue to “live” and the stem cells will continue to multiply within it, which will lead to greatly accelerated healing.

Place the urine pack over the site of the injury (if the injury is a deep wound, then pour a little urine in the wound first), and if possible wrap the urine pack in place with cling film (Saran Wrap for the Americans among you).   I know this part can be a little tricky depending on the location of the injury but do the best you can, the cling film will hold the pack against the injury and keep the urine in.   For injuries like bruises and sprains, you can also wrap a warm towel around it if possible.

Keep the pack on for as long as you can, keeping it moist with additional applications of urine and change it daily.