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About us Healthy Living encourages all of you to take a more active role in their health. In Healthy Living website. You’ll find information so you make informed choices about your health. In areas such as healthy eating, physical activity, pregnancy, mental health and sexual and reproductive health.

You’ll also find information about us intended for specific demographic groups. Such as children, women and seniors. And for specific areas of interest, including travel, injury prevention and substance use and abuse.

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First of all looking for health information about us that speaks directly to you? Also try our latest section. These specialized pages offer information on the crucial health issues that affect you while pointing out Health educational kits that can help you improve your own health habits.

Public health & education

We believe that one of the most important roles for Healthy Living is to turn complex evidence into knowledge and easy to understand information so that all of us have the confidence to make decisions relevant to their needs in partnership with their doctor.

Our most noteworthy Education and Knowledge Exchange unit converts research, evidence, knowledge and clinical care into information and education resources and programs to meet the needs of diverse audiences, including women, health professionals, policy makers, other researchers and community groups

One of the core Jean Healthy Living’ goals is to create momentum for positive behaviour change that results in better health outcomes. We believe that health promotion and disease prevention messages must be easily accessible to all of us. Healthy Living develops, delivers and distributes multiple innovative and easy-to-understand resources, programs, services and professional development.

The Healthy Leaving above all difference is the way we approach health and wellbeing. We do this by acknowledging that we are not simply the sum total of their illnesses, but of their wellness, life experiences, culture and expectations. Our strategies focus on addressing complex conditions, lifestyle risk factors and disease prevention using the right medium and language that respects women’s cultural sensitivities.

Translation All communities

Finally each year Healthy Living’ interaction with the community continues to grow nationally. Education is offered via a range of channels, recognising that learning styles differ from person to person including:

  • face-to-face and online education seminars
  • distribution of hard copy and online health information resources
  • an extensive website covering a range of evidence based women’s health information
  • email updates
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • quizzes
  • media commentary
  • Women’s Health
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